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The Heathrow Airport Parking Options

The bustling London Heathrow Airport features many parking facilities. Vast and busy, LHR Airport is well-equipped with various parking solutions to live up to the passengers’ expectations. Verily, short-term and long-stay facilities are located close to all Heathrow terminals, whereas Meet&Greet, business, and Valet services are also provided.

Unfortunately, neither of the Heathrow parking facilities is equipped with charging stations for EV vehicles.

Our Tip: Please note that all car parks are monitored and security-checked while offering designated areas and special prices for travelers with reduced mobility.

The Short-Stay Parking at Heathrow Airport

Each terminal is served by parking lots within a 2-minute walking distance to its passengers. Thus, the short-stay Heathrow parking options are ideal for motorists planning on staying shortly at the airport (for instance, to attend a business meeting) or for those who want to pick up or drop off their loved ones at LHR. Indeed, the Short-Stay Car Parks are overall preferred thanks to their convenient location. As a matter of fact, their most convenient parking spaces are meant for passengers with disabilities and families with small children. The car parks are also equipped with cutting-edge systems, such as plate recognition and car finder systems. Moreover, motorcycle riders will find designated spots free of charge. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that multi-story car parks aren’t kitted with motorcycle parking spots.

You can pre-book your spot at the Short-term Heathrow Parking Garages up to 2 hours before your arrival time at the airport. However, in-advance reservations are allowed only for over-1-hour stays (upon availability). On the other hand, you can book a parking spot at the Short-term Parking Lots for up to 99 days. In any case, you can use one of those car parks when arriving at the airport without a previous reservation. However, in general terms, online prices tend to be cheaper.

Please note that you can cancel your reservation up to 2 hours before the selected time without any charge (no matter the Heathrow parking lot).

The Cost of the Short-term Heathrow Parking Lots

DurationPrice (£)Price (€)Price ($)
0-29 min677.50
30-44 min9.501111.80
45-59 min12.7014.5015.60
1-2 hours1618.5020
2-3 hours19.4022.3024
3-4 hours23.3026.8028.80
9-12 hours67.3077.5083
12-24 hours83.3096103
Each additional day83.3096103

From August 2023, London Heathrow Airport will be part of Transport for London’s expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone. Thus, each vehicle not complying with the relevant conditions will be charged a 12.50£/14.50€/15.60$ fee to enter the airport. 

The Long-Stay Parking at Heathrow Airport

LHR passengers searching for long-term parking at Heathrow Airport can settle on one of the Long-term Parking Lots lying a 5-minute ride from each terminal building. The car parks are served by a complimentary airport shuttle bus, linking each parking garage with the nearby terminal.

Buses run every 10-15 minutes and need around 5 minutes to get to the closeby Heathrow terminal building. Buses offer free Wi-Fi to their passengers. They depart from bus stop 5/6 of T2, stop 16 of T3, bus stop 3 of T4, and stop 21 of T5. Once reaching the parking lot, you should let the driver know where is your parking spot’s location. Nevertheless, from 11:30 pm to 4:00 am, buses run upon request. Thus, you’ll have to call 02087456261 and request a bus ride.

Please note that LHR Airport offers several Hotel & Parking packages. Hence, Heathrow passengers can benefit from tempting prices for a combo of accommodation (in certain hotels) and long-term parking services. 

The Cost of the Long-term Heathrow Parking Lots

DurationPrice (£)Price (€)Price ($)
0-29 minFreeFreeFree
30-1 hrs 59 min910.4011.20
First day37.7043.4046.60
Each additional day30.303537.60

The Business Airport Parking at Heathrow

London Heathrow airport passengers departing from terminals 2/3 or 5 can benefit from the LHR Business Parking experience. The Business Car Parks lie closer to the terminals than the long-stay Heathrow parking options. Thus, the Business Parking at Heathrow airport terminals 2 and 3 is to be found at the Northern Perimeter Road, while the Business Parking of T5 is a 5-minute ride away from the terminal’s doors.

If opting for the business facilities of LHR Airport, you won’t have to hand over your vehicle’s keys. You simply park your car and use the courtesy shuttle bus to your terminal. Please note that the shuttle bus serving the Business Car Parks isn’t the same as the route traveling from and to the Long-term Heathrow Parking Lots. Indeed, it is a business-class shuttle service. Buses are equipped with leather seats and offer free Wi-Fi. Their frequency is efficient. Thus, you won’t have to wait more than 10 minutes for your ride. However, from 11:00 pm to 04:00 am, they operate on demand. Hence, you’ll have to use the intercom found at the barrier to call for the shuttle or call 02087456261. For late-night return trips, calling is the only option, as you won’t find an intercom at the terminals’ bus stops. In any case, the Business Bus calls at bus stop 4 of T2 (on Arrivals Lane 1) and T3’s bus stop 16 (on Arrivals level as well). Last but not least, the charge for Business Parking at Heathrow Airport is calculated per day. Hence, a 24-hour parking stay at the business facilities is priced at 42.70£/49.10€/52.80$.

The Meet & Greet Parking at Heathrow Airport

The Meet&Greet option addresses passengers looking for a convenient and hassle-free parking solution. Thus, the Meet and Greet service allows passengers to drop off their car at the Short-term Heathrow Parking Lots, leave the keys to the experienced airport personnel, and head to their terminal (a 5-minute walk away) stress-free. As far as picking ups are concerned, travelers can expect to find their cars waiting at the short-term facilities once landing at LHR. The Meet& Greet service is available from 05:00 am to 10:30 pm.

You can even leave your car at the Short-term Car Park close to one terminal and pick it up from another short-term facility!

The Cost of the Meet & Greet Service

DurationPrice (£)Price (€)Price ($)
1 day127.50146.80157.60
2 days174200.30215.10
3 days219.20252.30271
4 days264.50304.50327
Each day after34.5039.7042.60

Our Tip: In-advance bookings are always recommended as they offer lower prices and deals.

The Valet Parking at Heathrow Airport

If you want to experience the most elevated parking services at London Heathrow Airport, Valet services are the ideal Heathrow parking solution for you. Verily, although being the most expensive parking option, they totally justify their price. Pre-booking is the only way to benefit from Heathrow airport valet services. Thus, once arriving at LHR, you can leave the car at the designated receptions just outside the terminals. Valet Receptions are open from 05:00 am to 10:30 pm. Please note that you won’t have to pay the drop-off fee even though entering the terminals’ forecourts. Moreover, your car will be waiting for you at your terminal’s short-term facility as soon as you collect your luggage. Should you want to have your car cleaned in the meanwhile, you’ll find cleaning services available as well.

The cost of the Valet Parking is approximately the same as the Meet&Greet services. Early in-advance reservations are also advisable to secure lower fees and top deals.

The Picking-up / Dropping-off Options at LHR Airport

Whether you want to pick up or drop off your loved ones, you should keep in mind that parking outside the terminals is strictly forbidden and results in the vehicle’s towing. That being said, motorists wanting to pick up LHR passengers can use the Short-term Car Parks lying 2 minutes away from terminals on foot.  Explicitly, the prices for using the Short-term Heathrow parking facilities are:

DurationPrice (£)Price (€)Price ($)
0-29 min677.50
30-44 min9.501111.80
45-59 min12.7014.5015.60
1-2 hours1618.5020

Alternatively, the LHR Long-stay Parking Garages are ideal for pick-ups as they are free for the first 30 minutes. After that time frame, the usual parking lot fares apply. Although located further from the terminals, the Long-term Heathrow Parking Garages are served by shuttle buses, running every 10-15 minutes and reaching the closeby terminal in just 5 minutes.

On the other hand, if you want to drop off a passenger at London Heathrow Airport, you’ll have to use the designated drop-off zones outside the terminals (terminal forecourts). Nevertheless, to enter those areas, you’ll have to pay a 5£/5.80€/6.20$ fee (TDOC). You can pay for one or multiple drop-offs online or via phone, but you can’t pay on the spot as you won’t find ticket machines lying in the drop-off zones. What’s more, you are supposed to stay near your vehicle at all times. Otherwise, you risk having your car towed and getting fined.

The POD Parking at Heathrow Airport

POD Parking is the most environmentally-friendly option for parking at Heathrow Airport. Still, it only serves the T5 passengers’ needs. The highly-convenient parking lies a 6-minute drive away from T5 via the automatic, electric PODs. PODs can accommodate up to 4 passengers (as well as their luggage) and run every 30 minutes, 7 days a week from 04:00 am to 00:30 am (other shuttle services handle rides from and to POD Heathrow Parking from 00:30 am to 04:00 am). If a POD isn’t waiting at the stop, you’ll have to use the touch-screen system to call one. The parking fees for POD Parking are calculated per day. Thus, a 24-hour stay at POD Parking costs 53.10£/61.10€/65.60$. The POD journeys, on the other hand, are out of charge.


What is the best parking for Heathrow Airport?

The most convenient solutions, as far as Heathrow parking is concerned, are the Valet Parking and the Meet&Greet services. On the other hand, the Long-stay Parking Lots are the cheapest options, whereas the T5 POD Parking is the most eco-friendly Heathrow parking facility.

How to park cheaply at Heathrow Terminal 5?

The top low-cost parking option of T5 is the Long-term Parking Lot, lying 5 minutes away from the terminal via the free airport shuttle bus. Buses run every 10-15 minutes around the clock. However, from 11:30 pm to 04:00 am, you’ll have to call 02087456261 for your bus ride.

Where can I park for free at Heathrow Airport?

The only free parking option at London Heathrow Airport is the Long-term Parking Lots, located about 5 minutes from each terminal via the airport shuttle bus. Nevertheless, they are free for a 30-minute period of time. In any case, you should keep in mind that parking in front of the terminals is strictly forbidden.