How to get from Heathrow to Paddington Station

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Transit Options from London Heathrow to Paddington Station

The Central Railway and London Underground hub -Paddington Station- is one of the most famous and busiest stations in London. Thus, if you want to reach Paddington Station after landing at LHR Airport, you’ll have to define your needs and budget so as to contrast the available transit solutions. Travelers, who value comfort, usually opt for an airport taxi ride or a Heathrow airport transfer from LHR to Paddington Station. What’s more, DIY travelers, relishing autonomy during their journeys, often settle on a handy car rental for their Heathrow to Paddington ride. Conversely, journeyers on a tight budget prefer traveling via train (the fast Heathrow Express or Elizabeth Line), whereas LHR passengers looking for the cheapest alternative favor rides via the Heathrow Underground.


OptionsPrice (£)Price (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi6070.2075.3050 min
Train12.20-2514.10-2915-3115-29 min
Subway5.606.50746 min

Heathrow to Paddington Station by Taxi

One of the most convenient ways to travel from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Station is to opt for a Heathrow airport taxi. Comfortable and trustworthy, Heathrow airport taxis can be divided into two categories.

Both types of London taxis provide equally reliable services. For instance, they are all licensed by TfL (Transport for London), while all drivers are background checked and obligated to pass through regular checkups.

Black taxis (or black cabs or hackney carriages) are purpose-made vehicles. They can (usually) accommodate up to 5 passengers and line up at the airport taxi ranks. The official LHR taxi stands are to be found outside the Arrivals area of all Heathrow terminals. Alternatively, passengers can also call for their black taxis. Although they are named “black”, they can, in fact, be of any color. It is crucial to keep in mind that official taxis have the “Taxi” light on their roof indicating their availability, a license sticker (green or yellow, depending on their area of operation) stuck on the windshield, a white license plate, and their taxi drivers wear a green or yellow badge.

If you have an onward trip from Paddington Station and are landing at LHR Airport during rush hours, you should keep in mind that you may have to wait in line for your black cab.

On the other hand, private-hire vehicles (minicabs) are vehicles of any size and model. They can be booked online or via the phone but can’t be caught from the taxi ranks. Thus, you’ll find your minicab waiting at the Short-term Parking Lot of your terminal. Please note that waiting time may be added at the fixed fare from LHR to Paddington Station. Are you worried about the legitimacy of your minicab? Licensed minicabs have their Transport for London license disk displayed on their windows, and their drivers wear a private-hire ID.

Their fares are approximately the same albeit the fact that black cabs are metered and minicabs offer pre-determined fares. Just to be precise, minicabs tend to be rather cheaper. Anyhow, black taxis charge according to the taximeter based on a complicated system. That being said, you should expect a 50-minute ride from London Heathrow to Paddington Station and a 60£/70.20€/75.30$ fare. Still, during rush hours, traveling time may exceed 90 minutes, and the black cabs’ cost should rise accordingly.

Our Tip: Many taxi drivers negotiate fixed fares for airport rides. Still, if the taximeter displays a lower fee, passengers are obliged to pay that lower fare.

Heathrow to Paddington Station by Train

Train rides are a fast and reliable way to travel from London Heathrow to Paddington Station. Heathrow Express is the super fast yet costly line connecting LHR to Paddington Station, whereas Elizabeth Line is a slower and more affordable option for your journey.

Heathrow Express to Paddington Station

Heathrow Express is more expensive than other public transit modes, yet it is the fastest way to get from London Heathrow to Paddington Station. Moreover, it is considered a comfortable way to travel, as it is equipped with onboard TVs and charging outlets, offers free Wi-Fi, and has designated luggage space.

Heathrow Express runs from the T2/T3 Rail Hub and the T5 Train Station from 05:20 am to midnight. You’ll find an available route every 15 minutes (every 30 minutes after 10:00 pm), while the train needs 15 minutes to get from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Station. From T5, its traveling time is 21 minutes.

The ride from LHR to Paddington Station costs 25£/29€/31$. However, if you book your ticket early in advance, you may find fares at an even 5.50£/6.40€/6.80$ cost. What’s more, children younger than 15 travel for free.

You can choose between various methods to pay for your Heathrow Express ticket fare. Explicitly, the payment options are:

  • Paper Tickets: available from the ticket offices and the automated vendors located on the T2, T3, and T5 premises. However, on-site tickets are slightly pricier.
  • Oyster Card: a rechargeable card that can be loaded with cash or Travelcards. It is valid for all public transit means, and its main perk is the “pay as you go” system. Indeed, when touching in at the yellow card readers of the airport stations and touching out at the destination station, passengers can benefit from the “pay as you go” model. Hence, they are charged up to a daily cap (the amount of money defined by various factors, such as the traveling London Zones, the traversed distance, the duration of the ride, etc.). Once paying that daily cap, passengers don’t have to pay for any onward rides until 04:29 am the following day. Nevertheless, Heathrow Express rides DONT add up for “pay as you go” caps. In any case, an Oyster Card costs 7£/8.10€/8.65$, and children aged 11-15 (4 children per adult) are out of charge.
  • Visitor Oyster Card: the Oyster Card type addressing London’s visitors. Visitor Oyster Cards can be bought online. Thus, you’ll have to visit the VisitBritain Shop, buy your card, and receive it at your home address prior to your flight to Heathrow. The card’s price is 5£/5.80€/6.20$. Please note that Visitor Oyster Cards can’t be topped up with Travelcards. However, Travelcards aren’t valid for Heathrow Express rides anyway.
  • Contactless payment: contactless payments are also an accepted paying method for Heathrow Express fares (the “pay as you go” system doesn’t apply either).

Elizabeth Line from LHR to Paddington Station

Elizabeth Line is a less fast yet considerably cheaper (unless opting for an early in-advance ticket reservation for Heathrow Express) alternative for your ride from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Station. Elizabeth Line is, in fact, the newest train route linking Heathrow to London.

It runs from all LHR terminals at a 15-minute frequency from T2/T3 London Underground Station -lying within a 10-minute walking distance from T2 and T3- and every 30 minutes from T4 and T5 Train Stations. The T4 and T5 Rail Stations are to be found underneath the Arrivals level of each terminal. Their operating hours vary depending on the departing terminal: from T2/T3, Elizabeth Line runs from 05:21 am (05:54 am on Sundays) to 00:12 am, from T4 Rail Hub from 05:30 am (06:03 on Sundays) to 11:47 pm, and from T5 from 05:15 am (05:49 am on Sundays) to 00:07 am.

The cost of the train ride depends on the traversed London Zones. London is divided into 9 Zones. Heathrow Airport is located in Zone 6, while Paddington Station lies in Zone 1. Therefore, you’ll have to pay 12.20£/14.10/15$ for your Elizabeth Line ride from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Station, while you’ll reach your destination in about 29 minutes.

You can pay for your train ride using Oyster Cards, Visitor Oyster Cards, or contactless payments. However, to benefit from the “pay as you go” advantages, you’ll have to use the same devices (smartwatches, mobile phones, credit cards, etc.). On the other hand, paper tickets (available from the airport’s ticket offices and the ticket desks open from 05:00 am to around midnight) are pricier than the other payment methods. London Travelcards are also accepted for journeys with Elizabeth Line. You can purchase a Travelcard online. As a matter of fact, it will be sent to your desired address before flying to London. Please note that you’ll have to buy a Travelcard for Zones 1-6 to travel from Heathrow Airport. Depending on your plans, you can purchase a Travelcard valid for 1, 2, or 3 days. The price for a 1-day Travelcard for Zones 1-6 is 15.20£/17.60€/18.80.

Heathrow to Paddington Station by Subway

Heathrow airport subway is the cheapest option for your rail ride from LHR to Paddington Station. Still, it doesn’t provide direct journeys from Heathrow to Paddington.

Picadilly Line departs from T2/T3 London Underground Station and from T4 and T5 Rail Stations. Its frequency is every 5-10 minutes. Naturally, its routes are scarer during off-peak hours. Overall, Heathrow Underground operates from early in the morning till late at night. In detail, you can take a look at its everyday timetable:

Heathrow TerminalMonday - ThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
T2/T305:12 am - 11:45 pm05:12 am - 03:07 am03:17 am - 03:07 am03:17 am - 11:20 pm
T405:02 am - 11:35 pm05:02 am - 11:37 am05:06 am - 11:38 am05:42 am - 10:37 pm
T505:22 am - 11:42 pm05:22 am - 03:04 am03:14 am - 03:04 am03:14 am - 11:25 pm

The big perk of Picadilly Line is its cost. Verily, your subway ticket from London Heathrow to Paddington Station will cost as much as 5.60£/6.50€/7$. Still, if you aren’t on a budget or if you are traveling with heavy luggage, it isn’t advisable to opt for a subway ride. Indeed, during peak hours, the subway tends to get congested, while cars don’t have enough luggage space. Moreover, the ride from LHR to Paddington Station isn’t direct. Hence, you’ll have to take the Picadilly Line to Earl’s Court and then hop on the District Line to Paddington. The total duration of your transit will be around 46 minutes (36 minutes from Heathrow to Earl’s Court and 10 minutes from there to Paddington). 

As far as the accepted payment methods are concerned, you can opt for a paper ticket (paying 6.70£/7.80€/8.30$), an Oyster Card (or a Visitor Oyster Card), or a Travelcard. Contactless payments are also an option.

Our Tip: A Zip Oyster Photocard is also an option for children 5-10 years old. However, it costs 10£/11.60€/12.40$ (administration fees) when kids younger than 11 years of age (4 per paying adult) travel for free anyway.

Car Rental from Heathrow to Paddington Station

A Heathrow car rental is the ideal way to travel from LHR to Paddington Station at your own pace. Heathrow houses plenty of car hire providers. Thus, you’ll have various options in your hands. Through a search-and-compare process, you’ll effortlessly end up with the best value-for-money one. Still, it is highly advisable to book your London rental car as soon as possible. In that way, you’ll ferret out tempting deals and have access to a wider variety of vehicle models.

Your ride from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Station will last around 50 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Nevertheless, the usual London traffic jams can raise that time abruptly. Indeed, during rush hours, you may need more than 90 minutes to get from LHR to Paddington Station. When reaching your destination, you’ll have to park your vehicle (unless dropping it off after renting it just for that ride). Apart from the APCOA Parking Lot located on Bishop’s Bridge Rd, you’ll find plenty of private car parks at a nearby distance. Free street parking is available (yet extremely hard to find) only on Sundays and public holidays and between 6:30 pm and 8:30 am from Monday to Saturday.

Heathrow Airport Transfers from LHR to Paddington Station

If you want to elevate your 50-minute ride from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Station, you should book a Heathrow airport transfer. Private airport transfers mainly address LHR passengers looking for a comfortable and luxurious way to travel from Heathrow. Thus, apart from their welcome services, they aim at an utterly personalized traveling experience, providing many add-ons and extra amenities. Nevertheless, many travelers are intimidated by the potential cost. Still, as many private transfer agencies are present at the airport, their prices are competitive, and their quality is undeniable. Thus, if you contrast the provided services and each company’s fares and opt for an early reservation, you’ll certainly find a low-cost solution for your ride.


How much does it cost to get from Heathrow to Paddington?

If you opt for a taxi ride from London Heathrow to Paddington Station, you’ll have to pay around 60£/70.20€/75.30$, while the ride with Heathrow Express is priced at around 25£/29€/31$. The ticket of Elizabeth Line to Paddington has 12.20£/14.10/15$, whereas the cheap yet indirect London Underground costs 5.60£/6.50€/7$.

Is there a direct train from Heathrow to Paddington Station?

Elizabeth Line and Heathrow Express link LHR to Paddington Station. Elizabeth Line needs 29 minutes to get to Paddington, costing 12.20£/14.10/15$, whereas Heathrow Express gets to its terminus in just 15 minutes (21 minutes from T5). However, it costs 25£/29€/31$.

How much is Heathrow Express to Paddington?

You’ll have to pay 25£/29€/31$ for your Heathrow Express ride from LHR to Paddington Station. Nevertheless, if you book your ticket early in advance, you may pay as little as 5.50£/6.40€/6.80$.