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What is a London Heathrow Airport Transfer?

Apart from the iconic London black cabs and the reliable minicabs, many more private transfer companies operate at LHR Airport, providing even more elevated traveling experiences. Thus, when booking a Heathrow airport transfer, you can rest assured about the quality of your ride and the personalized services you are about to relish. Your assigned driver will be waiting at the Arrivals hall. Once collecting your luggage, you’ll head to your meeting point, and from that moment, you won’t have to attend to anything else. The driver will take your luggage and escort you to the vehicle of your choice, parked at the Short-term Parking Lot, a couple of minutes away from the terminal. After carefully storing your personal belongings in the vehicle’s trunk, the driver will drive you right away to your hotel’s doors, giving you useful tips and hints on how to fully enjoy your stay in London all along the way.

London Heathrow Airport Transfer vs Ordinary Airport Taxi

Black taxis and minicabs offer high-rated services when compared to other big cities’ taxis. Still, they lack convenience and flexibility as opposed to Heathrow airport transfers. In detail, private airport transfers from and to Heathrow Airport have the following major perks:


  • Black cabs are metered. Thus, their prices are considerably affected by the traffic levels. Heathrow airport transfers, on the other hand, offer set prices. Verily, you get to pay the ride’s cost during the booking process, and you don’t have to pay anything more from that point on.
  • A Heathrow airport transfer is utterly tailored to your needs. From the vehicle’s type to any required extra amenities (child seat, luggage racks, etc.), you get to fully customize your transfer.
  • Even during peak hours, Heathrow airport transfers guarantee zero waiting time. Verily, your reserved vehicle will be already parked at the Short-term Parking Lot as soon as you land at LHR Airport, even if your flight is delayed.
  • Black taxi drivers and minicab drivers are carefully selected, being background checked and passing through medical exams from time to time. Nevertheless, the private airport transfer companies that operate at London Heathrow Airport cherry-pick their personnel based on their skills and expertise while taking into account their local knowledge.

Heathrow Airport Transfer vs Public Transportation

London’s public transit system is highly efficient. Thus, a network consisting of bus routes, subway lines, and trains allows LHR passengers to conveniently travel from and to the main London airport. Although Heathrow airport transfers can’t compete with public transportation modes in terms of cost, they are distinctly superior regarding comfort and side amenities. Explicitly:


  • Heathrow airport transfers remove stress and hassle from every airport ride. When traveling via a public transportation mode, you have to find the airport bus stop or the train station, select the most convenient route to your destination, wait for this route to arrive, and be certain about the most suitable alighting stop. What’s more, as soon as reaching the disembarking point, you’ll have to navigate to your destination, carrying your heavy luggage all along. Last but not least, a public airport transfer is highly possible to require a change of means or lines. Conversely, private airport transfers provide direct and smooth rides from the Short-term Parking Lots to the door of your hotel.
  • The safety of your baggage is a given when opting for a Heathrow airport transfer. Your luggage will be safely stored in the trunk and not exposed inside a bus, a train, or a subway car.
  • During peak hours, all modes of public transportation tend to get overcrowded, making the journey even more tedious and even less safe.

Heathrow Airport Transfer Fares and Prices

Black taxis tend to be slightly more expensive than minicabs, and Heathrow airport transfers are somewhat less affordable than black taxis. However, even though they are considered a rather pricey option, they aren’t affected by traffic levels. What’s more, their side amenities totally justify that minimal cost difference. Thus, the price of a taxi ride from Heathrow Airport to downtown ranges from 56£/64.50€/69$ to 105£/121€/130$, whereas a private airport transfer is priced at 105£/121€/130$.

How to Book your Heathrow Airport Transfer

Booking a Heathrow airport transfer is a simple process. After checking and comparing services and prices and ending up at the top value-for-money option, you’ll have to fill out the booking form following the given instructions. Please bear in mind that early reservations come with lower fares and more available vehicles. Moreover, if you can’t sort out the alternatives, you can always check previous customers’ reviews. What’s more, if you need an add-on (such as a child seat), you can check if one of the various private airport transfer companies operating at the airport offers packages including this extra amenity. Once completing the booking procedure, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the journey’s details. Please keep the email as it usually is the voucher for your transfer.

Heathrow Transfers from Airport to Hotel

LHR passengers who are looking for a luxurious and elevated way to travel from the airport to their hotel almost always settle on a London Heathrow airport transfer. Thus, they have their driver waiting for them as soon as they land at LHR Airport, ready to take their luggage, escort them to the reserved vehicle and drive them smoothly and safely to their hotel in London.  On the other hand, if you want to save money on your travel expenses, you should check if your accommodation provides free airport shuttle services.


What is the best way to transfer from Heathrow?

London Heathrow airport transfers are the most lavish way to travel from LHR Airport to your journey’s end. Safe, reliable, luxurious, and tailored, private airport transfers are costlier than other transportation options. Still, if you search and compare the alternatives and opt for an early in-advance booking, you can ferret out a value-for-money option.

How much is a transfer from Heathrow to London?

Heathrow airport transfers are somewhat pricier than black taxis. Thus, if you book a private airport transfer for your ride from LHR Airport to downtown London, you should expect to pay around 105£/121€/130$.