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The Numerous Shuttle and Bus Lines Serving LHR Airport

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Heathrow Airport Shuttle and Bus Lines

London Heathrow Airport has numerous and efficient bus connections to every part of London as well as to other UK cities and destinations. Verily, several coaches and shuttles handle rides from and to LHR. Moreover, many Transport for London local buses travel from the airport to various central or west London regions. Overall, buses are one of the most affordable ways to reach your final destination in London. However, they are, at the same time, the most time-consuming one.

Heathrow Airport Bus Stations

All Heathrow airport terminals house bus stations. Thus, the Heathrow Central Bus Station is to be found between terminals 2 and 3, within walking distance from the terminals’ doors. Passengers can reach the Central Station via underground passageways. Lying above the London Underground Station and the T2/T3 rail hub, it is a busy station providing connections to more than 1000 destinations inside and outside the London area. On the other hand, the T4 Bus Station is outside the Arrivals area (bus stops 12-17), close to the station of Elizabeth Line. Last but not least, the bus stops at T5 are located outside Arrivals as well, right above the London Underground, the Heathrow Express, and the Elizabeth Line Stations.

Heathrow Airport Shuttles and Coaches

Five shuttle companies operate at London Heathrow Airport. Providing top-rated and reliable services, they are highly valued by travelers on a tight budget who are looking for a value-for-money alternative for their airport ride. Explicitly, the five Heathrow airport shuttle providers are:

  • National Express

National Express has more than 30 lines serving LHR Airport. It mainly links the airport to London Victoria, via comfortable coaches offering adequate luggage space, Wi-Fi, and leather seating. Overall, the journey from London Heathrow Airport to Victoria Coach Station lasts around 45-80 minutes, while you’ll find an available route every 30-45 minutes, from 01:00 am to midnight. The usual cost of the bus ride to Victoria is 6£/7€/7.50$. Early bookings come with better prices.

In detail, the National Express Bus Lines from Heathrow Airport are:

National Express Bus RouteFromToAlso Calls at
008Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/CanterburyT5 Terminal Station
025Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/WorthingT5 Terminal Station
035Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Poole-
200Heathrow Central Bus StationBristol/GatwickT5 Terminal Station
201Heathrow Central Bus StationSwansea/GatwickT5 Terminal Station
202T4 Bus StationCardiffT5 Terminal Station/Heathrow Central Bus Station
203Heathrow Central Bus StationPortsmouthT5 Terminal Station
204Heathrow Central Bus StationPooleT5 Terminal Station
205Heathrow Central Bus StationPoole/GatwickT5 Terminal Station
210Heathrow Central Bus StationGatwick Airport/WolverhamptonT5 Terminal Station
230Heathrow Central Bus StationGatwick-
240Heathrow Central Bus StationBradford-
250T5 Bus StationIpswichHeathrow Central Bus Station
401Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Swindon-
402Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Newbury-
403Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Bath-
404Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Penzance-
406Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Penzance-
423Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Liverpool-
444Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Gloucester -
460Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Coventry-
501Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Totnes-
502Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Barnstaple-
503Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Penzance -
504Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Penzance-
551Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Liverpool-
594Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Edinburgh -
595Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Glascow-
707T5 Bus StationBirminghamHeathrow Central Bus Station
727T5 Bus StationNorwichHeathrow Central Bus Station
728T5 Bus StationGreat Yarmouth -
747Heathrow Central Bus StationGatwick Airport (South)T5 Terminal Station
A30Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon VictoriaT4 Terminal Station/T5 Terminal Station
A40T4 Bus StationLondon VictoriaHeathrow Central Bus Station/T5 Terminal Station
  • Megabus

Departing from Heathrow Central Bus Station, the Megabus Coaches are equipped with extra legroom, toilets, and charging points. Moreover, they offer free Wi-Fi. Their prices start from 16£/18.60€/20$. The Megabus Heathrow Shuttles are:

Megabus Bus RouteFrom (LHR Station)To
M3Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Poole
M5Heathrow Central Bus StationCanterbury/Swansea
M7Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Swansea
M10Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Newport
M15Heathrow Central Bus StationLondon Victoria/Manchester
  • RailAir

RailAir provides links from LHR Airport to various train stations. Two luxury coaches depart from Heathrow Airport, offering Wi-Fi and charging outlets.

RA1 runs from Heathrow Central Bus Station (also stops at T5) to Reading Station. Its frequency is every 30-60 minutes and operates from 04:15 am to 00:10 am, while it reaches its terminus in about 50-55 minutes. The ticket fare is around 22£/25.50€/27.30$.

RA2 heads to Woking and Guildford Stations, calling at Heathrow Central Bus Station and T5 Terminal Station. It gets to Guildford Station in about 90 minutes (but in less than an hour from T5). RA2 is available from 04:30 am to 11:15 pm on an hourly basis. Its tickets are priced at around 9.50£/11€/11.80$.

  • The Airline

Oxford Bus Company is also present at LHR Airport. It offers shuttle connections from the main London airport to Gatwick Airport and Oxford. Thus, the LGW Shuttle runs from Heathrow airport terminal 5 to Gatwick Airport, making a stop at Heathrow Central Bus Station as well, whereas OXF/LHR travels from Heathrow Central Bus Station (also from T5) to Oxford. OXF/LHR operates almost around the clock (from 00:55 am to 10:55 pm) every 1-2 hours. It needs around 2.5 hours to reach Oxford, and its prices start from 25£/29€/31.10$.

  • Flixbus

The famous international Flixbus shuttle company offers its services at London Heathrow Airport as well. Running to various UK cities, the green Flixbus coaches are kitted with charging outlets, extra legroom, and toilets and offer Wi-Fi. Their operational hours and their ticket fares vary depending on the chosen route and the final destination. Thus, the Flixbus Shuttles running from LHR Airport are:


Flixbus LineFrom (LHR Station)To
041Heathrow Central Bus StationBristol
045Heathrow Central Bus StationPlymouth
046Heathrow Central Bus StationSwansea
N02Heathrow Central Bus StationBradford
N23ManchesterHeathrow Central Bus Station
N45PlymouthHeathrow Central Bus Station

The Heathrow Airport Local Buses

LHR Airport is efficiently connected to the west and the central part of London via an effective local bus network. Indeed, many local bus lines travel from Heathrow to London, as well as to its suburban areas. The Transport for London buses are the cheapest way to travel from LHR. Moreover, they provide night services as well. Thus, the local buses running from and to the airport are:


Bus LinesFromToFrequencyOperational HoursDuration
105Heathrow Central Bus StationGreenford StationEvery 10'-30'Around the clock61 min
111Heathrow Central Bus StationKingstonEvery 8'-30'Around the clock82' to Cromwell Road Bus Station
278Heathrow Central Bus StationRuislipEvery 10'-30'05:15 am - 00:45 am53 min
285Heathrow Central Bus StationKingstonEvery 9'-30'Around the clock67' to Cromwell Road Bus Station
350T5 Terminal StationHayes and Harlington Station Every 20'04:05 am - 00:30 am36 min
423T5 Terminal StationHounslowEvery 15'-30'04:05 am - 00:48 am45 min
482T4 Terminal Station/T5 Terminal StationSouthallEvery 20'-30'04:40 am - 00:55 am56' to Southall Town Hall
490T4 Terminal Station/T5 Terminal StationRichmond StationEvery 8'-15'04:15 am - 00:35 am60 min
A10Heathrow Central Bus StationUxbridge StationEvery 20'-30'04:25 am - 00:40 am28' to Belmont Road
U3Heathrow Central Bus StationUxbridgeEvery 10'-20'05:10 am - 00:20 am47' to Belmont Road
X26 (Express)Heathrow Central Bus StationWest Croydon Bus StationEvery 20'-30'05:40 am - 00:25 am105 min
X140 (Express)Heathrow Central Bus StationHarrow Bus StationEvery 12'-15'05:55 am - 11:40 pm51 min
N9 (Night)T5 Terminal Station/Heathrow Central Bus StationAldwychEvery 30'11:40 pm - 4:50 am80 min
N140 (Night)Heathrow Central Bus StationHarrowEvery 30'00:00 am - 06:00 am54' to Long Elmes

How to Pay for your Heathrow Airport Bus Ride

Cash payments are out of the question when it comes to Heathrow airport bus services. Thus, if you want to buy a ticket for your ride from LHR Airport, you’ll have the following options:

  • Oyster Cards

Londoners commonly use  Transport for London Oyster Cards for their rides around London. The rechargeable smart cards can be loaded with cash or Travelcards and be used in all public transit modes (subway, bus, tram, DLR, National Rail, Elizabeth Line, etc.).

Hence, unless topped up with Travelcards, Oyster Cards can be used according to the “pay as you go” system. Verily, you’ll have to buy a 7£/8.10€/8.65$ Oyster Card and load it with money. After reaching the maximum daily cap (5.15£/6.10€/6.50$ for bus rides), you won’t be charged for the rest of your journeys. Please note that the daily cap is calculated from 04:30 am to 04:29 am the next day, while the adult fare for a Heathrow airport bus ride is 1.75£/2€/2.10$.

Passengers using an Oyster Card can benefit from the Hopper fare. Therefore, they are allowed to make unlimited bus journeys (even not consecutive) for one hour paying just 1.75£/2€/2.10$. However, in-between rides with any other means of transit are charged extra.

Oyster Cards must be touched in before the onward ride. All stations have yellow card readers for that purpose. If you don’t touch in your Oyster Card, you won’t relish the benefits of the “pay as you go” system or the Hopper fare. On the other hand, Oyster Cards can be used by multiple passengers, yet not for the same ride. What’s more, children younger than 11 travel for free (when it comes to bus rides), whereas kids 11-15 are offered discounted fares as long as the airport’s staff adds the discount to their Oyster Cards. Alternatively, you can buy a Zip Oyster Photocard providing free rides to kids aged 11-15. Nevertheless, a photo is required, while administration fees are as much as 10£/11.60€/12.40$.

Oyster Cards can be bought from the Ticket Stops lying around the airport, the automatic machines, and the ticket offices at the LHR rail stations, as well as from the T2/T3 Visitor Center, from 09:00 am to 04:30 pm, only on weekdays.

  • London Travelcards

You can also use a day Travelcard to pay for your Heathrow airport bus fare. London Travelcards are paper tickets valid for 1, 2, or 3 days that offer unlimited journeys to all of London’s public transit modes (and 33% lower fares on the Thames Clipper River Bus). They can be bought only online and must be delivered to your place before your trip to London. A day’s Travelcard for Zones 1-6 (LHR is located in Zone 6) costs as much as 15.20£/17.60€/18.80$. Nevertheless, the fare for the bus rides isn’t dependent on the traversed London’s zones. 

  • Visitor Oyster Cards

Most travelers just visiting London usually opt for a Visitor Oyster Card. Visitor Oyster Cards can be purchased online before the arrival date in London. They are delivered to the passengers’ home addresses as well. Their price is 5£/5.80€/6.20$ and are reloadable. Still, they can’t be topped up with Travelcards. Overall, passengers purchasing a Visitor Oyster Card can top it up with their desired amount of money, ranging from a 10£/11.60€/12.40$ credit (paying 15£/17.40€/18.60$) to an up to 50£/58€/62$ fare (paying 55£/63.70€/68$ in total). Visitor Oyster Cards also offer various discounts to London restaurants, shops, and sites.

The “pay as you go” system and the Hopper fare apply to Visitor Oyster Cards too. Thus, you must always touch in the card before your bus ride.

  • Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are accepted on all Heathrow airport buses. As a matter of fact, passengers paying contactless actually use the “pay as you go” system and are benefiting from the Hopper fare.

You can have the benefit of the “pay as you go” system and the Hopper fare as long as you use the same device for all the contactless payments.

The Heathrow Airport Buses to Intercity Destinations

Various Heathrow airport shuttles and bus companies link the airport to numerous intercity destinations. Indeed, buses depart from all the airport bus stations heading to nearby regions and long-distance locations. In detail, the bus companies providing intercity transit services from LHR Airport are:

  • First Berkshire
  • Thames Valley Buses
  • Carousel Buses
  • Carlone Limited
  • Diamond Bus South East
  • Reading Buses
  • Arriva


How much is the Heathrow London bus​?

The fare of the Heathrow airport bus lines varies depending on the chosen shuttle company and the journey’s end. The usual tickets for the private shuttle agencies operating from LHR Airport cost from 6£/7€/7.50$ to 22£/25.50€/27.30$. Alternatively, local buses are cheaper. Thus, they are priced at 1.75£/2€/2.10$.

Which terminal is the Heathrow Bus Station?

Heathrow Central Bus Station is located close to terminals 2 and 3, within walking distance from their exit doors. On the other hand, both terminal 4 and terminal 5 house bus stations. The T4 Station lies outside the Arrivals area, and the T5 Bus Station is located above the London Underground Station.